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The Call Of God On Your Life

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are only one door and one person away from where Yahweh desires to take you today. Your God-given desires and dreams are Yahweh’s desires and dreams also. Therefore, you’re not alone, Yahweh is working with you and not against.

Never underestimate the power of God in your life. What he has placed in you is inevitable, incredible and indestructible. You must See, Recognize, and Embrace the call of God on your life. He is married to his word inside of you and he doesn’t want a divorce. He is obligated to fulfill his word to you. However, it is imperative that you believe and concur with the best of the blessed that he has ordained for You and be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN YOUR MAGNANIMOUS DESTINY! Those that oppose are irrelevant. Yahweh has motioned it, Yeshua has seconded it, and the Holy Spirit confirms it…

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Pastor's wife, mother of four adult children, grandmother, Devotional Writer, Motivational Speaker, Avid Encourager. Inspiring others to live their best life in Christ. Inspiring new confidence and courage, giving hope, renewing the soul and coming alongside through daily, biblical encouragement.

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