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Appointments for Biblical Encouragement Therapy

Are you considering making an appointment to receive Biblical Encouragement Therapy? If so, as you prepare for your Encouragement Therapy session here are some points and questions to consider. I would even suggest you write out your answers or thoughts so you can have a good focus and are able to achieve the desired outcome.

As you consider questions below here are some things you might like to know about me and my ministry of Encouragement Therapy:

My Background:

I am a mother of four adult children and grandmother of 13. I have been married to my pastor husband for over 40 years. I have been a women’s counselor, helping women grow in and develop a deeper intimacy with Christ for more than 25 years. My training and certifications are through American Association of Christian Counselors and Light University. I hold certifications in Women’s Ministries and Counseling of Women’s issues for more than 25 years. I especially love teaching and mentoring women in their faith through one-to-one sessions. I am a devotional writer, motivational speaker, and intercessor. Out of all my spiritual gifts I love and am extremely passionate about encouraging others to live their best life in Jesus!    

What is Biblical Encouragement Therapy?

Biblical Encouragement is being encouraged in our life, circumstances, relationships, etc from a biblical, scriptural perspective. Through the help and guidance of a spiritual partner being inspired, guided, and strengthened to live a (more) god-pleasing life, enjoy healing, greater emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, and become strengthened to overcome obstacles, past wounds, and live victoriously by the Word of God, productive discussion, and prayer.        


While donations are accepted and always appreciated I do not charge for Encouragement Therapy in order that all women, regardless of their finances, can receive it.


Encouragement therapy is available by appointment. Please indicate if you are interested in one session or would like recurring sessions. Currently I am conducting sessions virtually and by phone.

One sessions lasts approximately 45 minutes

To set a virtual or phone appointment email me at

Questions to Ponder:

Is there a particular area of life or reason you would like to experience and have sought biblical encouragement?

Is there a recent incident or event that has been discouraging, hurtful, painful for you that you would like biblical encouragement?

What are the things you have tried in the past to encourage yourself?

Have they been effective? Whether yes or no please elaborate.

What outcome would you like to see because of receiving biblical encouragement?

What other things would you like me to know and consider during our session?

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