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Biblical Statements and Prayers of Affirmation to Encourage Your Soul:

The definition of affirmation is “the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. Giving emotional support or encouragement.” When we affirm something we are saying it is so. There can be both positive and negative affirmations; they will both have an impact upon our life, way of thinking and attitude.

Biblical Affirmations are more than just a positive attitude or a bright outlook on life and circumstances, they are golden, priceless nuggets of truth and light directly from and based upon the Word of God that we can build a solid foundation upon, sink our spiritual teeth into, nourish our heart and soul with, affirm our identity and future through.

At times we just need to be reminded who we are, that the Lord is with us, that he is for us, that we can do it, we can make it. Sometimes the enemy has come at us hard and fast and we are on the verge of giving up or feeling defeated or ganged up on. Sometimes we just need to hear God to remind us who we are and how we have worth and value. God loves us, unconditionally and for always and he wants us to enjoy and be empowered by his truths and promises he has spoken over us since before the beginning of time. When you visit this page you will not only be refreshed, encouraged and uplifted, but you will be reminded of your true identity and the powerful promises of God over you. Visit it often, share with with others. Let the Lord comfort, guide, strengthen, and encourage you any time of the day or night.

Biblical Affirmations to Strengthen your heart and Encourage Your Soul

These affirmations are meant to be studied, meditated upon, and as often as possible spoken aloud over your life and person.

Prayer of Affirmation: Affirming I am the Salt of the Earth: Dear God, I am glad and filled with gratitude that you see me and call me the “salt of the earth.” By doing so you let me know how valuable I am as your own created being, especially made, as a person of faith, purposed to carry out your will and glorify you in this world. I release any thoughts, feelings, and beliefs I have held and entertained in the past which diminished my importance and contribution to your plan and will that I should live a holy life, have a good heart and attitude, represent Jesus, become light and love in a dark and hate-fueled world, and I affirm over my person and spirit this promise that fills, covers, inspires, and empowers me to live, move, and think on a higher level, confident of my worth and value. Thank you for calling me the salt of the earth and making sure I know how valuable I am as a person and to you. in Jesus’ name. Amen (Prayer of Affirmation Based Upon Matthew 5:13)

Prayer of Affirmation to Affirm God’s Promise that I Am my Father’s Masterpiece: Dear God I am glad and filled with deep gratitude to know that I am your very own masterpiece. You are the Master Designer and Craftsman and I am your workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good. I release all thoughts, inhibitions, and misconceptions that I have entertained or been convinced of in the past, and affirm this liberating promise and truth over my life and being which empowers me to live, think, feel, speak, and act just as I have been created: as the masterpiece my Father fashioned me to be! In Jesus’ name, amen. (Prayer of Affirmation is based upon Eph. 2:10)

Prayer of Affirmation to Remember You are Meant to Shine: Dear God I am so glad and filled with gratitude to know that I am meant to shine! I, (name) am created to shine! May your light and love radiate in my heart, my mind, my words, and actions. Give me your Spirit of goodness and courage, and enlarge my territory to do good works in Jesus’ name and by the power of the Holy Spirit. I release all past timidity, insecurity, and hesitancy to let my light fully shine and affirm this mighty, life-giving, liberating, joyful promise over my life and being. In Jesus’ name. Amen (Prayer of Affirmation based upon Matthew 5:14-16)

Prayer of Affirmation to Remember My Prayers Can Remove Mountains: Dear God, I am so grateful and glad to know that my prayers can remove mountains. They have power because not only am I your child, but because I have faith in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I release all past doubts, thoughts and beliefs I have entertained that have made me feel inadequate in prayer and declare joyfully, with renewed belief, affirming your promise over my life and being that my prayers, coupled with my faith can remove any mountain of any size and nothing will be impossible for me because I can pray with faith, conviction and power. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen (Prayer of Affirmation based upon Matthew 17:20)

Prayer of Affirmation for Speaking Life to Ourselves: “Father I do not think more highly of myself than I should, but I do think and affirm in my spirit, mind, and being, by my words and behavior that I am everything you call me and have written about me in your Word. You have given me power, to not only govern myself and my thoughts but to effect, speak, and create life over myself and cause heavenly strength, blessings, and power to flow into my life. I will not hate, dislike, accuse, demean, nor think negatively about myself, but speak and believe what you have spoken over me even before I was formed in my mother’s womb and therefore love and eat the fruit of life that comes from bearing witness to who and what you have created me to be. Amen (Prayer of Affirmation based upon Proverbs 18:21)

Statement of Affirmation to Live Under God’s Open Hand: “I am living life under God’s loving care. Whenever I have a need: be it bodily, mentally, emotional, relational, financial, material, or spiritual, I will look to him and his hand will be open to me to supply all of my needs because I am his and he is my heavenly Father. Therefore I will not fret or worry or look elsewhere because I live under my God’s great, generous, and gracious open hand all the days of my life.” (Statement of Affirmation based upon Psalm 145:16)

Prayer of Affirmation for Peace as a Sentinel: Jesus I am willing to release all things past and present that are counterproductive to the peace you have sent to guard me, into your care. I am a channel of peace to others and my own need for peace has been abundantly met by by heavenly Father. I can enjoy the benefits of peace and peace as a state of being because peace guards my heart, my mind, my emotions and my responses. Whenever I need to, I will take a step back and reassess or process things so I can regain my peace. Your peace is mine to possess and enjoy and I will not give it away thoughtlessly, carelessly, or willingly. Today I affirm that I have a spiritual sentinel of peace guarding me and that truth gives me peace of mind, strength of heart, and confidence of soul.” Amen (Based upon Philippians 4:7)

Prayer of Affirmation for Living Hopefully: “God of hope, who releases hope into the atmosphere, there are so many paths, attitudes and thought patterns I could choose for myself today. Paths the world, the devil, and my own flesh present to me–and some are tempting and appealing–but today I choose to be filled with the mystery of joy. I choose to live extravagantly, confidently, enthusiastically and courageously by abounding in hope which is the only attitude that keeps me moving forward in faith and in life.” Amen

Prayer of Affirmation for Racial Unity: “God of racial unity and harmony, you created all people in your likeness and purposely made us different so we could live in harmony, but the forces of darkness have a dividing and discordant nature and plant seeds of hatred and disdain in the hearts of people. i release any past experience, attitude, or thought which has promoted and supported relational disunity–and affirm the spirit of unity, harmony, and endurance you have given me. When I was reborn through Christ Jesus I embraced harmony and acceptance. I cannot say for the whole world by my own life and spirit will strive to accept others who may be different from me and my life, heart, attitude, and actions will glorify you in this way”. Amen (Based upon Romans 15:5-6; Psalm 133:1-3)

Prayer of Affirmation for Changed Behavior: God, “Awareness, the past, and observation have taught me that I can never predict nor determine the future; only god know this. But I can daily practice core values and principles that re earmarks of the Christian faith, speak kindly and encourage others and behave responsibly, respectfully, and lovingly toward myself and others, which will assure I have an unburdened conscious and enjoy inner peace which is a true commodity and blessing from the Lord” Amen

Prayer Affirmation for Intentional Living: “Lord, I release any misconceptions or confusion about your purposes for my life which I have believed or misunderstood in the past and affirm or reaffirm your design for me which is confirmed through Christ and supported by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I have not only been created in your image but created for the purpose of living an intentional life. I glorify you, share Jesus with others and bring healing to myself and others through life-affirming messages written in your Word.” (Based upon Acts 10:38)

Prayer of Affirmation for Balance: God, “I release any part of me that is s task oriented I miss spur-of-the-moment opportunities to spend needed time in Jesus’ presence and will tap into that part of me which is inclined to pause and sit at his feet for learning, encouragement, healing, strengthening, and refreshment. Today I affirm that I possess, will cultivate and maintain a healthy balance of Mary and Martha personalities in my life” Amen (Based upon Luke 10:328,39)

Prayer of Affirmation to Confirm my True Identity: God, “My identity is in Christ Jesus. it is not shaped by the world, nor determined by my level of education, outward circumstances, relationships with others, socio-economic status, career path, age, ethnicity, not even by my physical, emotional, or mental health, but it is in Christ and through Christ who loves and accepts me beyond measure. I am the Lord’s and he is mine therefore I am blessed and incredibly favored! Every day I will have power from on high when I am courageous enough to accept and live in my true identity.” Amen

Prayer of Affirmation for Moving Forward in Life: God, “I will “get up” (Arise from the place I have been stuck, remove myself, leave my place of doubt, fear, hopelessness, inability, leave my comfortability that keeps me from obeying God and moving forward and not back)…Take up my mat” (Any crutch I have used or contrived for myself, any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual “stuck” spot that keeps me from being productive or entertaining aa healthy attitude or mindset about myself or otherwise)…”And walk” (moving, be productive, move forward, trust in God’s promises over my life continually, do the things I know which are good, healthy, and life-affirming) Amen!”

Prayer of Affirmation for Spiritual Power: “God, your Holy Spirit is with me today giving me superhuman strength and power. Power to be courageous, confident and self-controlled. Power to make the right decisions and power to witness Christ to others through my words and actions. I am willing to wait on him until his power has manifest in me” Amen (Based on Acts 1:8)

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