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Bible Studies to Encourage Your Soul

Being Encouraged By God’s Signs and Wonders

Read Isaiah 7:14.

1). Why do you think God stated it this way; “the LORD himself will give you a sign?

2). Turn to the Book of Acts. Read the verses listed, then consider:

a). Why you think it was important that God performed so many signs and wonders through the Apostles following the Resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ?

b). If you believe these signs and wonders were helpful to persuade people to believe in and follow Jesus as Lord and Savior?

c). Why God may not use the same kinds of signs or wonders today to draw the unbelieving or convince the doubting today?  

(Read: Acts 2:22; Acts 2:43; Acts 4:16, 30; Acts 6:8; Acts 8:6, 13; Acts 14:3; Acts 5:12; Acts 15:12)

3). Have you ever wanted God to send you a sign of his presence, power or love? When did you need to see a sign most? What was the outcome?

4). Read Mark 16: 17 and 20. What does this make you think about the power of God through humans? 

5). Is it possible for a human to be a “sign and wonder”? Why or why not?

6). If someone asked you if the Lord still sends signs and performs wonders upon the earth right now what would you say to them? Where would you go in your Bible to back up your statement or answer?     

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