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A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in silver settings–Proverbs 25:11


have been uniquely designed and gifted by the Holy Spirit to be an encourager of others.

An encourager is someone who gives confidence, support and hope to others. Because you are God’s instrument and conduit of encouragement in a discouraging world, he is faithful to guide, fill and support you. The encouragement you share–however you are designed to share it–will fill in the emotional holes, boost confidence, give needed comfort, relay words and messages that help others (re)discover how special they are, not only to others, but their Creator.

You are an essential part of God’s plan to bring others into the kingdom of God and know his promises are real and applicable for their lives.

Remember what you say to others in regard to encouragement will go a long way. your words of encouragement will come back to them at just the right time, just when they are feeling discouraged or heading toward being dismayed. all you have to do is plant the seed of encouragement, God will cause it to grow and flourish!

“Have you noticed that often it is the timing of a thoughtful gesture, rather than its scope, that makes the difference?” (Dr. David Jeremiah: The Joy of Encouragement)

Some of our deepest wounds can come from those who were silent when we really needed a champion. an encourager speaks up, speaks on behalf, speaks good and speaks the truth that heals and encourages! An encourager will not remain silent, but fill in the silence, seize the opportunities to speak positive truth into the lives of others.

Encouraging others is more than just saying something nice or using kind words, it is allowing Christ to speak to that individual through you. Your mouth, Christ’s words and message!

Your words of encouragement can inspire and motivate others to do something or perform better or with greater enthusiasm. they can compel others to make needed changes in their life and help them see the events and circumstances of their life fro ma different point of view and perspective.

Encouraging someone during a painful time can be the same as applying a soothing ointment to an open wound.

Encouraging someone who has messed up, failed, made a mistake or behaved badly to begin again is as close to being Christ as we can get in this life.

Encourage and support someone to use their spiritual gifts so they may glorify God and draw others to Christ through them. the Lord will be pleased with them and will bless you for encouraging others in this way.

Your words of encouragement can empower and strengthen someone who feels worthless or does not know their value. to tell someone they have been chosen by God to bear fruit in his name is a powerful, sustaining sermon.

The more you use your gift of encouragement, the more you will be strengthened and others strengthened and empowered through it. Pray to grow in your gift of encouragement.

Did you know if you have the gift of encouragement (exhortation) you are out of the line of Barnabas? His name meant “Son of Encouragement.” No wonder St. Paul chose him as a ministry companion. together they made a dynamic duo!

As an encourager, have you thought of yourself as a Reporter? through your words of encouragement you report the beauty of the Gospel and the life of Jesus to those who need to hear and know. That’s awesome!

You can ask the Holy Spirit to increase you in your gifting or area of encouragement.

Encouraging others is like making a deposit into their spiritual confidence app!

Own your gift of encouragement! strive for excellence because you will be impactful!

For just as rain and snow fall from heaven, and do not return there without saturating the earth, and making it germinate and sprout, and providing seed to sow and food to eat, so My word that comes from My mouth, will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and will prosper in what I send it to do–Isaiah 55:10-11

The fragrance of a crushed flower lasts longer than the fresh. do not allow the devil to rob you of the encouragement God will give you to share with others simply because you have experienced trauma in life.

Your body, regardless of its condition: weak or strong, healthy or sick, is not only a temple of the Holy Spirit it is an instrument he uses to spread encouragement to others.

Every time you speak encouragement over someone you unearth hidden treasure that has been buried and thought to be forever lost.

Can you sense and hear the Holy Spirit dropping words and thoughts into your spirit that help you encourage others? He is your biggest resource and inspiration as you encourage those he brings and sends to you.

Through your words of encouragement “The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations.”–Psalm 33:11

Don’t forget your first “zone” of encouragement is your own home, atmosphere and environment. your marriage, spouse, children, grandchildren and out from there. First throw your pebble of encouragement in the family pond then expand from there.

Just a word of encouragement and reminder: Everything you have been meaning to say to your loved one or dear friend you should get in the habit of saying now, while they are still with you, can hear you and appreciate what you are saying to them. As you know, life is short and we don’t always have tomorrow or later on. Today is the day to encourage others!

The ministry of refreshment involves genuine concern, willingness to take risks, and persistence of service. it requires being alert to the needs of others and seeking to provide relief from the pressures that burden them” (Dr.. David Jeremiah “The Joy of Encouragement.”)

When you encourage others you take part in spreading the joy of the Lord.

When you encourage others you are showing your best side and God’s true nature. Your words of encouragement can become the bridge to connect the lonely, not only to a caring Christ, but others.

Encouraging others is like planting a crop that God will surely increase and bless.

Not one person–regardless of their faith system–will reject a beautiful and well timed word of encouragement over their person or their life journey!

Think of both victory and fruitful labor for us, all because of Jesus’ resurrection. It is the resurrected Christ who equips you to encourage others. Use the truth of the resurrection to encourage others.

When you encourage others you bring the kingdom of God near to them.

Did you know as you encourage others God is loving others through you?

However the Holy Spirit has gifted you, stay focused; don’t let the devil distract you. he just wants to keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

You never know when your words of encouragement are exactly what someone needs to help them through their day or face life.

Psalm 126:1-3 makes a wonderful encouraging message for those who are weary in battle, losing hope of rescue or deliverance by God. keep it highlighted in your Bible and on your heart to speak in time of need!

These are excellent days and times to encourage others that God has established his throne in the heavens and in the hearts of people as well.

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